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D. Sabella, Broadway’s original “Mary Sunshine” in it’s longest-running & iconic musical CHICAGO (1996) is Amanda Reckonwith, the world’s most beloved “Spento-soprano!”

“The Love child of Dame Edna & Anna Russell.” – NYC NiteLife Exchange

JOIN HER as she tours the globe assailing favorites from Broadway, Jazz, Pop, and the Great American Songbook, decimating both the competition and her audiences at the same time!

2024 MAC Award “Best Drag Artist”
2023 BroadwayWorld Award “Best Drag Artist”

2022 MAC Award “Major Artist.” 

But, who is the Diva? And, why is her history shrouded in mystery? All will be revealed. So find a stiff… Drink, and have a look around! 💋

“Amanda Reckonwith Proved a Stunning Force of Nature ! Both vocally stunning and humorous… wholly combined operatic chops with knee-slapping humor.” – NYC NiteLife Exchange

 “Amanda Reckonwith… And instant classic and PV’s new must see show!.”

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