So You Want To Sing Cabaret


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By David Sabella and Sue Matsuki

Published by Rowman & Littlefield, and sponsored by the National Association of Teachers of Singing, as part of their So You Want To Sing series,”So You Want to Sing Cabaret is the first book of it’s kind, a comprehensive “how to” and entry-point for both students and teachers, into the world of Cabaret performance.

With a forward by Lorna Luft, and a special chapter with Michael Feinstein, on the Great American Songbook, SYWTSC includes personal interviews with some of Cabaret’s most notable performers, teachers, and industry leaders, sharing their insight and wisdom.

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“Such important information and a must-read for all singers and teachers. I was fascinated.”
— Chita Rivera, Tony Award-winning singer/actor

“A remarkable combination of instruction, inspiration, reminiscence, and just plain good sense. David Sabella and Sue Matsuki’s book is a wonderfully readable bible for those interested  in the world of cabaret, professionally or just out of curiosity. ”
— John Kander, Tony Award-winning composer (Cabaret, Chicago, Kiss of The Spider Woman)

“So You Want to Sing Cabaret is full of history, anecdotes and practical knowledge from the legends who have dedicated their lives to this art form. It is an absolutely invaluable resource whether one wants to put together an entire act or simply learn to mine the depths of a song and really make it their own. If you are an aspiring performer or simply an appreciator of the genre, there are life lessons to be learned here that can honestly be applied to many different disciplines —singers, actors, directors, musicians, and anyone else with a thirst for knowledge, a curious mind, and a desire to connect with an audience by telling a thoughtful story through song.” 
— Brian Stokes Mitchell, Tony Award-winning singer/actor

“One of my favorite quotes from David Sabella and Sue Matsuki’s wonderful, comprehensive book about cabaret is this: Cabaret is first and foremost a lyric driven experience. The book goes on to tell you everything you will need to know or ever consider about the art form, including interviews with some of the best artists in the business. An amazing accomplishment!”
— Betty Buckley, Tony Award-winning singer/actor

 “David Sabella and Sue Matsuki have compiled and curated a comprehensive guide for anyone interested in performing or researching cabaret, including writings and interviews from the most prominent practitioners. It covers the history of cabaret from the beginnings to modern day with all of its marvelous incarnations along the way. A truly delightful and enlightening guide to this sorely neglected but eminently worthy vocal art form.”
— Lori McCann, Montclair State University, NATS Eastern Region governor & NYC Board past president

“David Sabella and Sue Matsuki have compiled a treasure trove of information relating to every aspect of cabaret performance. For aspiring cabaret singers and devotees of the genre, this book is for you. In their unabashed celebration of a wonderful art form, the authors do their part in keeping it alive.”
— Mary Saunders-Barton, professor emeritus, Penn State University

“What Is Cabaret? Many have asked but few have answered it in a more precise manner than So You Want to Sing Cabaret. It is just this kind of detail that makes this book required reading for performers and audiences alike. You couldn’t ask for better guidance than that from some of cabaret’s most respected artists featured in this book.”
— Frank Dain, editor-in-chief, Cabaret Scenes Magazine

“The complete works of cabaret—the book is a banquet of history, inspiration, and resources on invaluable singing technique. ”
— Julie Boyd, director, Fordham University Musical Theater Summer Intensive

“This book needs to be a part of academic curriculum and in every voice teacher’s and singer’s library. As an historical document and a vibrant exploration of cabaret and its evolution, this is a must-read, over and over again!”
— Susan Eichhorn-Young, voice teacher, singer, actor, writer

“So You Want to Sing Cabaret is a magnificent read for all solo cabaret artists. David Sabella and Sue Matsuki’s beautifully crafted book will be our guide book for cabaret development.”
— Ann Morrison, artistic director, SaraSolo Productions

“The quintessential text on everything Cabaret! So You Want to Sing Cabaret should be required reading for every performer and teacher who wants to delve into this art form and industry. An absolutely invaluable resource!”
— Regina Zona, singer and voice teacher


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